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Old 06-24-2017,
b1XVYm85ge b1XVYm85ge is offline
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Default Anti-OPEC

Why does the west take it from the oil producing countries? Why not play a game of chicken with most of the thugs of the oil producing countries and boycott them for a week? These countries (other than Canada and Norway) need the west. Ponder this statement: Kleptocracy is high maintenance! The merry month of May, before the driving season and next hurricane season, would be an excellent time to let the world's 2-bit thugs squirm for a refreshing change...
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Old 06-26-2017,
azuvegihafov azuvegihafov is offline
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The problem FOR NOW is both availability from cars to pump including repair in the hinderlands

Alas, for now, we are letting the thugs to have a free ride

I would enjoy watching the thugs for a brief time, for example, not be able to afford a new gaudy uniform

For a thug such a thing as a day-old gaudy uniform would be a big deal, not to say, a new painting of themselves the size of the Empire State Building
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Old 06-27-2017,
bayaduf bayaduf is offline
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if the countries of OPEC cut off the oil supply to the US , then how do u expect the US army to function in iraq? How do u expect US airline companies to avoid bankrupcy... Anyways the OPEC countries are not to blame.. It is the instability in the Middle East that has caused oil prices to rise(instability which has been caused by a poorly planned, ineffective US foreign policy)
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Old 06-29-2017,
admin admin is offline
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Perhaps Bush will try to take over Iran, and then increase our oil reserves. LOL

They know we're dependent on them, but it's not quite the same way for them because China, India, Europe, and Japan would still be Buying oil from them.

Opec could also raise their price to teach us a bigger lesson.
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