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Old 07-01-2017,
Andreyciree Andreyciree is offline
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Default Long Term Large Cap Portfolio

Hello, I am relatively new to this forum and have found it quite insightful so far. I have been messing with stocks for about 2 years now and have convinced my mom that she needs to divest herself of her Home Depot stock (she works for them) and start investing in other things. I have been running her portfolio for a little while now and although I have made some mistakes, I think I have created what I think to be a decent portfolio. I will give you her current portfolio as well as what I would like to be so that you guys can give me your thoughts as what to buy, and when.
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Old 07-01-2017,
AndrewVet AndrewVet is offline
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Here's what she currently has

Home Depot - 32% [of portfolio]
AIG - 10%
Capital Title Group - 1%
Chesapeake Energy - 3%
Exxon Mobile - 5%
Microsoft - 5%
Sirius Satellite Radio - 1%
XM Satellite Radio - 4%
Colgate Palmolive - 7%
Cisco Systems - 4%
Dresser Rand Corp - 2%
Exelon Corp - 3%
International Speedway - 3%
Lion Gate Films - 2%
Lyondell Chemical - 2%
Pfizer - 4%

There were some others (NOK, AA, NUE, VCBI) but the trailing stops I had all triggered. There is about 13% in cash at the moment.
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Old 07-04-2017,
AntonioTus AntonioTus is offline
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Here's what I'd like it to look like:

Home Depot - 10%
AIG - 10%
CTGI - 5%
CHK - 5%
XOM - 10%
MSFT - 10%
SIRI - 5%
XMSR - 5%
UNH - 10%
EXC - 5%
A Financial Company 5-10%
Remaining 15-20% - Short Term / Speculative / Other

I wanted it to be pretty diversified. My mom still has probably a good 20 years of working so I can take a little risk, but I would be happier with some steady returns. What I would like to do is have something in all categories and as one stock gets hot, scale back and plough it into another that may not be that hot. Rebalancing maybe every quarter or so. Questions, comments, concerns? Any and all feedback would be appriciated.
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Old 07-05-2017,
Antoniosn Antoniosn is offline
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This is a brokerage account. I got both her and my dad to start Roth IRAs. She started this with a whole bunch of Home Depot (from the stock purchase plan) and i've been selling and buying other stuff. She is still part of the purchase plan, and invests into a 401K (same applied to my dad and his company).
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Old 07-05-2017,
Antonioamoma Antonioamoma is offline
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Glad to hear that your parents are taking advantage of a ROTH IRA. I hope they are maximizing this account.

As I look at your Mom's current portfolio I see that it is pretty well diversified. I actually think you can take a little more risk without actually taking more risk, if that makes any sense.

I like your proposed investment except for the SIRI holding. You should own the "best of breed" in this case that's XMSR.
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