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Old 06-19-2017,
AdelaBatte AdelaBatte is offline
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First of all, like to say hi. I'm new to the site as well as investing and personal finance really. I would like to start investing in stocks via an online broker. I'm currently a beginner and just looking to get my feet wet. I’ll be investing an initial $2,500 into the account then adding an additional $175 monthly (which I would like to let accrue on the online broker until I’ve decided to invest into current stocks or purchase additional ones). This is money outside of my savings/emergency fund/401K that I feel comfortable investing into stocks. My plan is to start with $1,000 towards blue chip stocks, $800-1,000 in a blend of Income/Growth/Value Stocks, $200-400 in commodities, and the remaining $300 will go towards any penny stocks I’d like to invest in (this wouldn’t be immediately and not until I found a company I really believe in). I would continue to add additional funds of $175 monthly and let the cash accrue until I found a stock I felt comfortable investing in.
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Old 06-19-2017,
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Default Help starting out - online broker selection.

Being a newcomer I figured I should look for an online broker offering a wide variety of free stock research and an easy to use interface. Obviously I’d also like to keep commissions as low as possible. After researching online I’m leaning towards Fidelity investments. The have a low commission ($7.95), a wide variety of investment choices, and large amount of available stock research. I also already have Fidelity net benefits for my 401K. But I’ve also heard good things about E-Trade. And Charles Schwab seems interesting since I’d be able to have my savings, MMA, and brokerage all in one place. Trade King and Scottrade also seem to get good reviews. What do you guys think? Given my particular situation outlined above does any online broker jump out at you as being my best choice? Thanks for your help and advice.
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Old 06-21-2017,
adarogiegbay adarogiegbay is offline
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Any more input given the info I provided above?
Through online ratings, reviewing the broker websites and what services/cost they provide I've narrowed it down to the following:
Option Xpress
Charles Schwab
Scott Trade
Trade King
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Old 06-22-2017,
AdelineGif AdelineGif is offline
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I currently use Interactive brokers the commissions are dirt cheap if your putting $1000 in a stock unless its worth under $1 then you wont be paying over a couple bucks per trade, I recently put $5000 in a stock worth 3.70 and I payed $5 in commissions. The best thing that I like about it though is the software. You will have to pay $10 a month for trading on any US stock exchange. It would be waived if you do $30 in a month on commissions. and if you want to trade on other exchanges there will be other fees but you shouldn't need any other ones right now I only have the US stock exchange, I had the TSX exchange before it was only $6 a month. If you have any other questions just go right ahead and I'll answer them in the best way I can. I would also recommend learning the basics on fundamentals and technical s before trading go to stockcharts.com and go to the school section it will teach you a lot.
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Old 06-23-2017,
ADreattylilt ADreattylilt is offline
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Is Optionshouse a good broker for trading penny stocks? I would like to trade stocks between .10 to $10/share
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