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Old 06-17-2017,
AasilSkare AasilSkare is offline
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1) For purpose of the spreadsheet record flat is currently based on +/-0.25% or less. Of course, everyone can define flat any way they choose.
2) Up, Flat, or Down must be clearly specified in a post in order to be listed in the spreadsheet, otherwise it'll be assumed that post was not intended to be a part of the official record.
or as a personal critiquing tool to better ones performance
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Old 06-19-2017,
8egokkTwaW 8egokkTwaW is offline
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Default Stockaholics Daily Stock Pick Challenge for Monday (6/26)

  • Pick ONE stock/ETF, either long, short, that trade on the U.S. Stock Exchange.
  • You cannot duplicate someone's exact play. For example, if someone picks AAPL - Long, you can only pick AAPL - Short as long as it is not taken yet. Use the "Search This Thread" link as it only takes a few seconds to see if the ticker has been mentioned.
  • Get your pick in BEFORE the opening bell on Monday, June 26th. I will provide all the opening prices as I have the spreadsheet set to auto look up the opens.
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Old 06-20-2017,
9ifdxd8ZKk 9ifdxd8ZKk is offline
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  • Once you pick something, that is it, it is yours unless it is not a valid pick. This way someone doesn't pick a stock that others want, then at the last second change it. Please do not edit your posts with your pick. If you need to change your pick and/or the direction, just use two separate posts instead of editing your first.
  • You are allowed to pick one leveraged ETF. (These are the 2x/3x ETF's)
  • Optional - You may post a rationale (either technical or fundamental) for your pick, but it is not required.
  • You may choose to close out your pick at any time during the trading day. Please post your own closing price. We will be using the closing price of the 1 minute intraday chart with the time stamp of your post here on Stockaholics to get your official intraday closing prices!
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Old 06-22-2017,
Aaallenenund Aaallenenund is offline
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Once again, it is your responsibility to check that your pick is not a duplicate. The "Search This Thread" link I mentioned makes this as simple as it can be. If you choose to not check and should you duplicate someone's pick, it will not count!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and if anyone sees someone else messing up, please correct them. Also, please look at your positions after I post the spreadsheets. I try to catch mistakes, in and out of my control, but need your help in making sure the information is accurate.
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Old 06-24-2017,
Abem Chanu Ningombamjeor Abem Chanu Ningombamjeor is offline
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It's OK to post your vote if you missed the deadline after the poll has expired and if the market has not really moved that much or especially if your late vote is opposite or flat of the S&P futures ATM. It will be up to my discretion and obviously, the more active voters will be given more leeway.
Starting and ending points based on official daily ending close of the market.
The primary goal of this game is to track our performance. You can consider it a contest
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