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Old 06-22-2017,
Avtvivzt Avtvivzt is offline
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Default Another one is to bite the Dust

They are not playing tiddly winks with this guy...

Tried to fight the validity of the tax system using the constitution and the law as his defense.

now they have surrounded his home with federal agents and they want this guy dead or alive

Not exactly waco....But a peaceful man that has a legit complaint about the tax system. when he refused to be bullied they decide he needs to go to prison.

You gotta love your options here

cannot protest, or show the tax is illegal even if you are correct

stand your ground we throw you in jail....

Refuse to go to jail we kill you

How is this not like communist russia in the 50's?
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Old 06-23-2017,
avidinuq avidinuq is offline
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Location: Bangladesh
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I agree...

They are bullies and they will try to trick you out of your legal rights and scare you....

I believe it is possible to challenge authority and win...But you have to be vigilant and you better be prepared to put everything on the line and go the distance...They will try to break you.... And if you get careless or walk your dog they will have agents swoop down and remove you from society...

They cannot have people successfully challenging their authority...It makes their job harder to do....If you and I successfully deny them what is to stop the next guy from refusing to comply with all their demands....

I imagine it is tough for most people to resist if they have a family and small children...They would make it a dogfight to the end and it is an awful lot to drag your kids and family through an ordeal like that... .Which is why I believe 99% of people just give in and do as they are told like good drones
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Old 06-24-2017,
BarryRhity BarryRhity is offline
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You're probably right , Don, but they started it. :-/

As in this case - you can only have measures of success. They cannot let you get far enough to prove they are illegal so they will intimidate and use illegal tactics to prevail over you.

Ones who make too much public noise as has been done here will be made examples of to keep the sheeple in line. The sheeple will just sit back and say -- see there what happened to that convicted tax evader and never question any further.
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Old 06-25-2017,
Barreraoi Barreraoi is offline
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I love to scrap with them but I will not encourage anyone to do it unless they research it enough on their own to do it without any help from me. They don't scare me -- if they took everything I have I would still have my most dangerous weapon -- the meat between my ears --- If they take that I guess I won't need to worry about it. (They don't really want it -- too rotten). They are the criminals here - not the people above who have legitimate questions that are not being answered. It may ultimately result in their death. It will never make what they (the Browns) are doing and questioning about illegal and because of that fact, they will likely not win and may have to be destroyed.

I can caution - don't try it unless you are educated in their laws enough to protect yourself and you will likely still end up ultimately coming to some kind of compromise. They can't let one person win - it would be the end of their game.
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Old 06-27-2017,
Barbaradak Barbaradak is offline
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I know the laws and I don't push them -- I have to file anyway to get my wifes tax returns back. She is a Federal employee so is one of the few groups that they can legally withhold from. the rest they do it illegally. One of them actually mentioned that she had to file to me (on the phone) -- they know I know. :-? :-/

They keep records of you and your opinions and actions in a special code file. Aren't computers wonderful.

I won't elaborate as the last time I did, dark forces appeared. :-/
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