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Old 06-23-2017,
AlyssaLqj AlyssaLqj is offline
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Default Marijuana sector bounce alert thread

Who here trades marijuana stocks? There's a good bunch of them I'll post them here let me know if I missed one. My favorites are MJNA, RFMK and HEMP but the others are good for bounces and rocked huge gains this year as well. I figure if we put our heads together we can catch the bounces on these since they pull 30% gains very frequently, basically on a weekly basis.

I wish I came to this forum sooner if I made this thread before the sector exploded with profits this thread would have been so much more helpful to traders. As for now many of these companies are accumulating and consolidating after their HUGE 1,000% runs but after they've loaded up they'll be back ascending towards enormous gains yet again.
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Old 06-24-2017,
alyceap18 alyceap18 is offline
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Not actually, I'm just late to this forum. I've been on the marijuana sector since the 2010 legalization initiative.

And RFMK is very legit, their product was endorsed by Tommy Chong. They have been using the rest of their capital building a new line of vaporizers. It takes financing to build companies.

You shouldn't doubt this company it's going to blow up in everyones' face.
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Old 06-27-2017,
alufejuli alufejuli is offline
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SKTO looks like a dump to me.

The only reason it's still above a penny is because the promoters are trying to unload IMO.

What operations are they even on that qualifies it as a marijuana company?
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Old 06-28-2017,
alishazt3 alishazt3 is offline
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ERBB is in mid bounce, I got a promo e-mail for it yesterday I got into it before hand but I wasn't expecting a promotion followed by some news about a new product in development.

Check it out ERBB is legit, not a scam like most of the other marijuana stocks.

Yes I realize most pinks are scams you're not telling me something I don't know but RFMK, MJNA and ERBB are not scams. They actually have big board potential.
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