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Old 06-24-2017,
bdpgicab45 bdpgicab45 is offline
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Default AMAT Channel Break

Take a look at the 6 month daily. Breakout of the channel yesterday. Give this a day to confirm...if it pierces back upwards, may have a more explosive move on the long-side. Draw a couple lines, may have some potential.
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Old 06-27-2017,
Bbzffrc Bbzffrc is offline
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RBC downgraded AMAT to Sector Perform in the morning of 10/24 and KLAC, during their earnings report later [after hours] that day, expressed caution – looking for a 'choppy' sector next year.

I figure we are in for some level seeking that reflects this news.

I'm on the sidelines watching and trying to learn. Thanks, lg, for flagging this one. It's good seeing this in real time.
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Old 06-27-2017,
BernardoRe BernardoRe is offline
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Seems to me CRR is in a similar situation after missing Q3 earnings expectations yesterday by $.02 [$.55 vs. $.57]. Looks to me that CRR is confirming while AMAT is not — at least not as clearly.

I'm pretty much a 'fundy,' albeit not by choice. Relating fundamentals and TA in real time is new to me. Best to take all my comments in this area as SWAGs.
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Old 06-29-2017,
admin admin is offline
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cannot draw trend lines or notes.

anyone know how to snag charts from java based program...prophet? I can save for my reference, but cannot share.....

The above allows scrolling and instant flexibility in timeline, type eyc., but no drawing items
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