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Old 06-27-2017,
2ZyHUBCQZj 2ZyHUBCQZj is offline
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I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it!
This event was a good eye opener for me, everything says to 'SELL, the building sector is dead!" But your prediction was correct, going against everything printed. IBD gives them a rating of 32 out of 99 and a D minus.

Look at the numbers.
Revenue -36%
Net Income -220%
EPS -235%

Still, the chart indicated it was going to go up and it did, a perfect example.
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Old 06-27-2017,
4byra6ka_tub 4byra6ka_tub is offline
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Default BZH | 80% Short Float | Breakout Play

Broke down heavily after the cut; I was discussing BZH in the chatroom. Pulled the sell trigger quickly after the .25 and got out before it dipped under 12, nevertheless...obtained a nice gain.
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Old 06-28-2017,
5qXCgJayWH 5qXCgJayWH is offline
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I think I posted this late. I had two trades going and both were reactions from the sell off. BZH at 11.41 and sold at 11.83. Couple minutes only. Damn I needed 4 hands for that incredible 10 minutes of lovin. Anyone grab aapl on the dip..........days like this are few and far between when you see the buyers stacked up near the bottom. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaatt!!!! :lol:
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Old 06-30-2017,
0t1PjaZtFu 0t1PjaZtFu is offline
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I wouldn't necessarily say its the best out there, but I like its ease of use and it's user-friendly. Size of attachments on this site is restricted to 620px width so images are constrained to a certain size, not allowing enough room to show what I like; so I sometimes use a reliable picture hosting site to host bigger pictures. And from what I've heard, posting charts from your brokerage sites seems okay, they aren't really copyrighted.
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