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Old 06-21-2017,
abricOpice abricOpice is offline
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I did mention on one of my thread that I will not be able to make post due to my time restriction but after reading the post from one of the OTF member "Zombie", I came up with the idea to create a thread where stock symbols can be posted: eg tech looks bearish for swing- watch appl, rimm, goog or Banks look bullish for a day or 2: watch BAC etc or Casinos looks like they have one more day of upside(not a suggestion, just an example).

No price points, no exit strategies will be mentioned. Do your own homework to get the entry exit points. I am not good in posting the charts on OTF and also I dont have time to do that but I will keep posting the picks when I have some time to do so. I hope everyone tries to contribute the picks they are trading with or the ones they find interesting. No penny stocks please
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Old 06-21-2017,
acisoitefuli acisoitefuli is offline
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Default Stock Picks .... Trade at your own RISK!

I came up with this thread thinking that OTF can have something on " Stock picks and strategies" section which makes it interesting.

To be frank, I never look for recommendation on OTF. I am just here so that I can share some things which can be helpful to people who needs help.

I would not hesitate to contribute if people are willing to do so.
This thread will be dead if people wont contribute because I myself would not care and would leave OTF
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Old 06-22-2017,
aboni aboni is offline
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Well my problem right now is......everything loooks bullish right now. Almost every chart I look at is lookin like it can go higher. SP is prolly headed to 1000. BUT ten up days in a row cuz earning were less bad? I'm short right now.

Short FAS.

Also I like EGO around $9 (haven't bought yet). They report earnings July 31st and i'm expected big thangs. They're a pretty low cost gold miner. And I believe they are NOT hedged at a certain gold price, so they will have benefited from higher gold prices in Q2.
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Old 06-24-2017,
acipojesa acipojesa is offline
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No contribution from other members. Bye Bye OTF :top:

Playing Index is tricky but individual stocks are acting great if you know which stocks to pick.
Had a very nice early week playing with few stocks(weekend holds). Got in some stocks in the morning, so far acting well
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