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Old 06-28-2017,
AngelaWayn AngelaWayn is offline
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Default Galactic Matyhematics.

I think the whole of conventional mathematics is inconvenient, awkard and what have you.
Far more superior is the "Galactic mathematics' or "Vedic mathematicas".
For a lot of people it seems like a bag of tricks. However, when one starts working within this system it feels creative , elegant and very very efficient.
You can do math from simple aritmatic to Calculus and 'difficult' differential equations etc

starting with aritthmetic.

What is:

75 x 75=?
38 x 32=?
13 x 11=?

Try to do this and then I wil show the Vedic or Galactic Mtah method.
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Old 06-29-2017,
Andreyelind Andreyelind is offline
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I am surprised you cannot do these sums yourself. May I suggest this website to you: http://www.jainmathemagics.com/page/5/ I'm sure you'll be as facile in this system as I am in no time! Good luck, my friends.

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Old 07-02-2017,
andrzej636 andrzej636 is offline
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75*75=(70+5)(70+5)=70*70+2*70*5+5*5=4900+700+25=56 25

38*32=(30+8)(30+2)=30*30+(8+2)*30+8*2=900+300+16=1 216


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Old 07-02-2017,
Amee757048 Amee757048 is offline
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You can also use Egyptian Arithmetic methods that is being proposed in some of the Common Core education and the Babylonians used base 60 which provides many more divisible bases than the decades used by the arabic base system. Then there's the Mayan system of base 20.

As for your Galatic or Vedic Mathematics--elucidate or die.

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Old 07-02-2017,
andreytwisp andreytwisp is offline
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"I love using bar numbers and the multiplication techniques, especially with some of my classes. They are really taking to the approaches which underpin VM. A particular group enjoyed multiplying by 11, and then because of the flexible nature of this method, they asked if it was possible for other times tables. We spent the next part of the lesson devising a strategy for multiplying by 12, 13 etc. And yes, I've had a few children saying to me, "Why weren't we taught this way at the start?" and "This method is so much easier!" Pupils who would normally not want to volunteer are putting their hands up to answer questions so quickly that it's hard not to look surprised!"
Paul Phillipson-Masters, Maths Teacher, Scotland

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Old 07-03-2017,
admin admin is offline
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"I only had heard about Vedic Maths. I knew it was fast and easy. But it is entirely different since I experience it. It's much easier, simpler, faster, more interesting, more exciting, and full of fun. I feel overwhelmed by the power of this Vedic Math- not known or heard before. I feel the more I delve into it, more treasure I am getting from it. I just don't want to come out of this most exciting, funfilled moments of my life. I told my brother, nephew, my son, and my family about this, and I said this Math is so much fun I never imagined before. I am simply excited about it, and want to keep doing it forever. I really want to share this magical maths with lot of people, and change their approach towards it. I want to help lot of students master some of the most difficult topics of Math using Vedic Math. I am totally excited about learning this new Math."

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